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The best off-road system

In addition to clever traction systems and driver aids that make short work of rough ground, Pajero Sport is the first Mitsubishi to carry the advanced Off-Road mode, which gets you out of terrain that other SUVs would struggle with. Naturally, you’re not going bush bashing every day. But if you’re heading up to the snow and the road is iced, you and your family will be glad the extra grip is there.

See how Pajero Sport does towing and 4WD

Whatever you need to haul, wherever you need to take it, Pajero Sport makes it easy. On board you’ll find serious traction systems, advanced safety features and all the power you’ll need. Watch the video to learn more.

Active Stability Control

Maintains stability and control when cornering, by automatically recognising under-steer and over-steer. It applies brakes to the appropriate wheels to keep you online through corners.

Deep water, no trouble

A vehicle built for adventure is going to come across water here and there. Pajero Sport lets you wade confidently up to a depth of 700mm.

Off road mode, ultimate grip in all conditions

When you’re in the lowest 4WD setting and need a bit more help with the terrain, Off Road Mode comes to your rescue. It manipulates the engine, transmission and brakes to cope with gravel, mud or snow, sand and rock.

Off Road Modes


This setting gives the necessary amount of wheel slip to allow for acceleration and vehicle stability on unpaved surfaces, such as small stones or earth.

This setting controls wheel slip to keep the vehicle stable and prevent you from getting stuck. If it senses you’re close to being stuck, the system reduces engine control, increasing your ability to keep moving. Once moving, it permits a small amount of slip and reduces input from the Active Traction Control, part of the Active Stability and Traction Control system.

When you’re driving across sand, this system minimises wheel slip to stop you getting bogged and uses the centre limited slip differential to help you get out. The automatic transmission employs a separate shifting pattern, which allows the lower gears to keep you moving. Once you’ve gathered a little speed, the Active Stability and Active Traction Control systems keep you moving smooth and straight.

On a highly uneven surface like rock, this setting reduces wheel slip and uses the centre limited slip differential to send power to the wheels that have the best contact with the ground. This system also allows for very steep rock surfaces. The transmission shifts between lower gears to maintain power and traction.
2H (2WD high range)

For regular road driving, this setting gives you power, solid handling and the best economy.
4H (full-time 4WD)

If the weather, or the road itself is not too flash, the ability to drive in high range 4WD is a serious safety boost.
4HLC (4WD high range)

When you’re off-road, this setting distributes power to all four wheels equally.The new off-road mode gives you added grip and stability in rough conditions.
4LLC (4WD Low Range with Locked Centre Diff)

When the track runs out, or disappears beneath the mud, this mode will make you glad you’re in a Pajero Sport. It sends all of Pajero Sport’s power and traction to the wheels. If you try this system and still want more climbing ability, might we suggest a helicopter.
Super Select 4WD