As hard as they come

Triton is the only ute backed by a 10 year warranty. From the ground up, itís designed for reliability and durability. The body offers space, comfort and safety in equal measure. The engine and 4WD system with dial-up range selector are the most advanced ever. Choose from the 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic. Whether youíre at work or out on the weekend with the boat, you can tow up to 3.1 tonnes no sweat. As well as impressive torque and smooth power, Triton also has incredible economy, between 7.1L to 7.6L per 100km across the range.

An engine to boast about

Hereís the reason Triton makes light work of heavy loads. Itís the newly developed 2.4L, all alloy DiD MIVEC engine. On the technical side, torque is now increased - up to 23% on automatic models. At lower revs, torque is delivered more smoothly, which is just as well when youíve got this much of it. On the less technical side, itís basically one seriously grunty engine.

Super Select 4WD

Triton is one of the few utes that can be driven in 4WD on tarseal. This gives you the maximum amount of grip and, of course, safety. Triton GLS & VRX 4WD only.

Take this tray and cram it

A vehicle with the power to carry large loads over anything should give you a place to put it. Triton now boasts a tray 10% larger than before, one of the longest, deepest trays in its class. If you canít fit your load in here, the problemís your forklift.

Tight turning circle

Building sites are often cramped, with hazards everywhere you look. So manoeuvrability is key. Tritonís turning circle is a very compact 11.8 metres.

Start your 10-year relationship now

Your Triton also comes with Mitsubishiís unbeatable Diamond Advantage Warranty - New Zealandís best new car warranty. Find out more
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*$39,990 Price listed is for VRX 2WD. Price excludes On Road Costs of up to $600 which includes WoF, registration, 1,000km Road User Chargers and a full tank of fuel. Offer ends 31st March 2017

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